Late Harvest would not have been possible without the support of the following:

The Savannah College of Art and Design for awarding me the Presidential Fellowship for

Faculty Development that allowed me to spend weeks on the road,

The RIT Press for believing in Late Harvest. To Molly, Laura, Bruce, and Marnie- your

professionalism and attention to detail made this project the best it could be,

The Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts & Sciences for giving me the residency

where I was able to edit, sequence, and produce a preliminary design for the Late Harvest,

Laurie Shock and Billy Howard for giving me consistent encouragement and

providing invaluable advice on the early design of this book,


Nancy McCrary for her beautiful Foreword and helping to inspire me with kind words

and exposure to the best parts of the Southern psyche,


Thomas Deans for deciding that Late Harvest deserved to be seen as an exhibition in Atlanta and beyond,

Sigma Lenses for providing me with the sharpest lenses I have ever used,

The Mac Group for their Ilford Paper, Tenba Backpack, Elinchrom Lighting,

Benro Tripod, Phottix Flash, and Kupo Grip equipment,

to all the people who welcomed me into their lives, thank you. Please know that the words attributed to you

in the text may not be verbatim quotes, but they are faithful to my memories of our conversations,

and, as always, my wife Andrea. She continues to be my greatest supporter, most insightful critic, and best friend.